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Screens, Supplies & Screen Coating

Without the proper equipment and experience, cleaning, coating and buring screens can be a daunting task.  Just starting out or putting off the high cost of processing equipment?  We offer the service of reclaiming your screens or coating and burning a new screen when purchased through us. Choose the option that best suits your business


* Send us your pre-owned screen and we will clean, coat and burn for only $18.50 per screen (approved art required)


* Purchase a new screen from us and we will coat and burn for only $18.50 per screen (approved art required)  We offer the lowest cost for screen coating and burning in the country. 


Please send art work to  Art must be ready to print, seperated (multi-color) and in 100% black.   Best form of art is vector but for single color we can work with PDF.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Pick the choice that's right for you.  With a quick turn around we make it easy for you to be up and printing right out of the box.  Shipping via UPS throughout the U.S.

Custom Image Screen Print & Design offering the best quality and service since 1993.  Offering quality screen printing, screen burning, heat transfers, screen print supplies and much more.

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